Cambray works with innovative companies to design new customer experiences that solve challenges, shape behaviours and generate positive change.

Example briefs:

"Can you make me an e-commerce site that eliminates quotes, proposals and lots of client meetings."

"I need some software that allows me to present information remotely and track the emotional response of the viewer."

"We cannot find the people we need, can you help me reach really good candidates for this job role using the internet?"

"I need a constant supply of new business without networking, talks, workshops shows or any of that stuff, I want customers who are ready to buy."

"We need to know what marketing activities are generating leads for us so that we can stop everything that isn’t working and increase our focus on what is producing our sales."

"Can you do the market research and source an entire product catalogue for us."

Cambray only commit to selected projects and often under an NDA or exclusivity agreement.


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