The way people buy has changed

The way people buy has changed up to 90% of a purchase decision is made prior to the sales meeting, your relationship must reflect this behaviour shift.

You need a content strategy and a marketing automation platform to facilitate the customer’s desire to self-educate around your offering to help them to make their own informed decision, they want to be in control of the process.

Improve your digital relationship capability to make the sales process more efficient, more scalable and more customer centric.

With a well set up marketing automation platform when you speak to a customer you already know the extent to which they have already digested, or self-educated on the product or service.

When you start the conversation they are already informed and you know what stage in the process they have reached, ideally the digital relationship has replaced several face to face meetings.

Prospects will begin to engage later in the buying cycle they will already be close to having made their decision to purchase.