The four key challenges of modern marketing and how to ensure you don’t get left behind

The four key challenges of modern marketing and how to ensure you don’t get left behind.

Challenge 1: The way that people buy has changed significantly; traditional marketing and sales methods aren’t cutting it anymore and businesses don’t know how to deal with this.

Buyers want to do research in preparation for buying rather than just being sold to. Traditional sales methods now need to be backed up by technology that supports and steers this buying journey but understanding how to make this work is way beyond the skill-sets of most marketing and sales professionals.

Challenge 2: E-marketing has been heralded as a core pillar of modern activity, but most businesses fail to get any significant sales results from their activity.

E-marketing campaigns, marketing communications and surveys etc. seem easy enough to put together but never seem to get meaningful results. Data sets become difficult to manage and it’s hard to keep on top of the behaviours of respondents in any consistent way.

Challenge 3: Embedding marketing technologies (even simple CRM systems) proves hard, teams struggle to get the time to make the most of them and benefits aren’t leveraged.

Although businesses are keen to embed technology at the centre of marketing and sales efforts they generally lack the discipline to do this successfully. Systems gather dust, fall into disrepair, do not get fully leveraged, users do not comply or get frustrated.

Challenge 4: Businesses have a great story to tell, some great content ideas, but don’t get around to using it properly or in a sustained manner.

Great messages, thought leadership and strong core content is all apparent but getting around to developing a meaningful strategy around this is evasive – it’s either outside the team’s skill-set or just something they can’t get around to.

Common sense strategies needed to tackle the four challenges of modern marketing.

CHALLENGE 1: Lack of knowledge of how to deal with the changing way that people buy; no longer able just to sell to them.

Accept that modern marketing, interpreting researcher and buyer behaviour, using technology platforms and advanced social media is a job for experts not those who don’t understand the science.

CHALLENGE 2: Failure to get any traction with e-marketing activity.

Don’t just send e-marketing campaigns, build tech-led strategies around developing and nurturing customers and potential customers; again accept this is probably a job for the experts.

CHALLENGE 3: Lack of success with getting full value out of investment in technology to drive marketing and sales activity.

Concentrate on automating as much of what your marketing-technology does for you as possible. Worry about leveraging results from automated processes that will give highly qualified leads to sales teams, rather than making everyone a platform expert!

CHALLENGE 4: Inability to create and manage consistent content marketing strategy.

Stop thinking that “someday maybe” you’ll magically find the time (and skills) to deliver a sustainable content strategy; get an expert to quickly create a substantive body of content and show you how to run consistent, sustained campaigns.

What you need to make this work.

1. An expert in building strategies to understand your buyers, potential buyers, where to find them and how to create content that will take them on the on-line journey you want.
2. The right blend of marketing-technologies and a focused control of who uses them in your business to get the results you need.
3. A tightly focused (and plentiful) portfolio of content (in multiple formats) that can be used to nurture and steer your buyers and potential buyers.

The 2 reasons most businesses fail in this area.

1. They think they have the skill-sets to do this themselves, but it turns out they don’t.
2. They think they are going to get around to dedicating some proper time to this, but they can never find the right moment to give it any sustained attention.

The solution to the four key challenges of modern marketing tackles this head on with a 12 month programme.


KNOW YOUR BUYERS – full research exercise, identification of 5 to 10 avatars, detailed interviews with sample buyers (30+), development of full strategy for the 3 key avatars. Development of critical buying paths for each key avatar and evolution of product offerings that will hook new customers into buying cycles.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY MANAGEMENT – technology led approach to ensuring that all data (customers and potential customers is managed and nurtured appropriately through your CRM/marketing automation software. Practical and pragmatic support to ensure that technology is fully leveraged to drive sales opportunities.

CONTENT STRATEGY – structuring and delivery of a full content strategy for the next 12 months including e-marketing, blogs, social media, advertising, video, thought-leadership and alignment of web-strategy.